Supporting unaccompanied children and young people on the move to restart and rebuild their lives.

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What dowe do?

Refugee Youth Service supports displaced unaccompanied children and young people to re-start and rebuild their lives where they are, or safely and legally reach an alternative destination that is in their better interests.

RYS was created in 2015 in the camp settlement in Calais, France, formerly known as “The Jungle” and has since delivered work in Italy, Greece, and the UK.

Our work

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Children indirectly impacted

Since spring 2022 RYS has been delivering capacity-building and awareness-raising trainings to organisations and communities that support, or wish to support, unaccompanied children in the UK.

Three different trainings are available, suited to organisations differing needs and time constraints.

Journey with an Unaccompanied Child Training Series

RYS Events

'Walking With Afran'

This awareness-raising event is held monthly in different cities across the UK. Over two hours the participants witness Afran’s journey, and learn what it is like to be an unaccompanied child on the move. Participants also uncover a number of interesting truths and common misconceptions about migration.

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